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The Pneumat Systems® silo cleaning systems are here!

The BinDrill™, BinWhip™ and Cardox™ silo cleaning systems eliminate any form of contamination in silos up to 45 m deep, WITHOUT having to enter the silos (NoMenEntry) and WITHOUT contaminating the bulk material.

Steel Chains with Knuckles

Bronze spark free Chains

Spark free Nylon® Whips with  PTFE Knuckles

With our high-quality ABB® and ATEX Ex ec II T3 Gc / IP66 tested hydraulic motors, you remain dust-free and more efficient up to 6kW of constant power in the closed circuit!

Whether coal, fertilizer, gypsum, cement, grain, animal feed, salt or clay - sooner or later it settles on the silo walls and clumps. This contaminates the silo and reduces the available storage capacity and material flow.

GONTEC ® is proudly the exclusive European sales partner for Pneumat Systems Inc. ®

Waterblast Tools and High Pressure Hoses!

Make your Experience! On our Knowhow and professional competence, help on the choice and calculation from Waterblast Tools!

We have for You the right Choice!

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